On sunday October 14 I asked if the swallow paper airplane had any other
names and if it really was a traditional model. I received different

I folded it as a gift Friday, three days ago. I wanted to share the
pictures of my fold with you guys as a way of thanking you for your help



The origami Facatativá event was two days ago. One of the activities was to
bring a fold that answered the question "why did you start folding
origami?". This was mine. Folded from fiber tissue paper attached to "papel
silueta" (I don't know how is that paper called in English).

When I was way young, two of my cousins folded it. I was amazed by its
beauty. I believe I wasn't able to fold that paper airplane back then, but
accompanying them while they made it and play with it was an important
moment for me. I finally gave the fold to the organizer of the Facatativá
event: Camilo Torres.

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