Andrew Hudson asked about origami conventions in unconventional areas and
underdeveloped countries.

For Andrew and others that could be interested:

Andrew you were in Colombia in 2011 at the Cali convention so I won't talk
about that one. But there is another "major" convention in Colombia and
this year it's gonna be its 10th anniversary. It takes place in Bogota and
coincidentially it is going to be next weekend starting Friday night. About
100 people participate and it very much follows the OUSA method, you know
classes, exhibitions, free folding times, etc.

The international guest this year is Oriol Esteve from Spain, you can check
his works at: (don't blame me
if it does not open properly, flickr did a renovation yesterday and it's
been acting erratically today).

We have our own NorthAmerican guy who comes several times a year including
the convention who is Michael Shannon and this year Tom Crain ( ) is comming as well (I hope
I'm not making a confidence here). Should anyone still be interested you
can register at unfortunately the page is
only in Spanish but if anyone would be interested you can contact me off

Jorge Jaramillo

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