Based on the words by Fishgoth: here's an idea for a new type of thread.
We have many innovative folders and designers on this mailing list, who
specialize in different techniques and levels of complexity. I thought it
would be fun to introduce a creation exercise that we can share.

The topic is boxes and/or lids. The idea is that you create an original
design of an origami box, a box with a lid, or just a lid for one of the
traditional box models (it has to be for a traditional box), and you share
it right here through the list.

Let's place as deadline for the exercise: August 31st, so you can start
sharing your entries from July 16th up to the dead line.

What's allowed:
-Any number of sheets
-Squares, other rectangles, regular polygons, circles, and straight
isosceles triangles
-Very little cutting
-Very little gluing
-More than one model per origamist

What isn’t allowed
-Variations of nontraditional models (Taking someone else’s model as base
for yours).

The entry must include
-Your name or pseudonym
-Name of the model
-Links to one or more pictures of the model
-Details of the model: Type of material? Number of sheets? Shape of each
sheet? Size of each one and of the finished model? Cuts? Glue?

This will be just for fun and for creating a model we're happy with. At the
end of the challenge I will compile all the models with their respective
participants and share them through the list.

Let me know if you have any questions. Have fun creating ; )


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