On July 24th I proposed that fellow origamists on the list that enjoy
creating figurative models, like animals, people, and objects, could create
a box and/or lid with a figurative model included and I showed Michael
Shannon's "Ganesha Box" as just one example.

Now, I know there are also other fellow origamists here that prefer
creating modular models. Then why not design an original modular box for
this creation excercise ; )

Here's an example. I folded "Modular Origami Box (Tall Version)" and
"Pinwheel Flower Lid" both created by Chrissy from Paper Kawaii.



If I'm not wrong Meenakshi and Ekaterina both enjoy working with modulars.
What kind of boxes could you create? =D

Don't wait till the last minute. Create and share some pictures soon!


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