This is a follow-up message to the one I sent about a week ago. Last year
some of us had fun creating (designing) ping pong launchers folded from A4
copy paper. Remember? Well, now I'm inviting everyone to create a totally
new origami box and/or lid : )

Now, I know many of you prefer creating figurative models of animals,
people, objects, etc. Why not then create a box, or maybe a lid, that
includes a figurative model? Huh? =D

As an example, here's a fold I made of Michael Shannon's "Ganesha Box":

Michael created this box years ago, but just like him you could also create
a figurative/box model for the creation exercise on the mailing list!

Hadi recently shared diagrams for his car model. Hadi, what can you come up
with for this activity?

Remember, the dead line is August 31st and you can check out all the
details of the activity in my message from July 15. If you have any
questions, you can send them through the list or in private to my email
address gerardo(a)

Can't wait to see the first pictures!


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