Hi everyone.

A new follow-up message about the creation exercise I'm inviting everyone
to participate. This is the last week.

The invitation is to create an original box and/or lid. In an previous
message I had mentioned fellow origamists that enjoy creating figurative
models could create a box (or lid) that includes a subject, like Michael
Shannon's "Ganesha Box" (with Ganesha's head on each side). In a second
message, I said that creators that prefer folding modular models could
create a modular box, like for example Chrissy's "Modular Origami Box (Tall
Version)" and "Pinwheel Flower Lid".

Now, I know there are also origamists here on the list that enjoy creating
and folding tessellations, fractals, and/or corrugations. You could also
create an original box, or maybe lid, that includes this type of origami!
As an example, here is a fold I made of "Hydrangea Box" created by Shuzo

Jorge Jaramillo loves this type of origami. Right Jorge? Can you create a
box and/or lid with a tessellation, fractal or corrugation?

One more thing; I wanted to also share with you my fold of Anna
Kastlunger's "Cat Lid".It's an amazing example of a figurative model/lid!


So, just one week left for this activity : )

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