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This is my investigation about Origami spining top, at 8 May 2019.

About the author of Origami spining top(Paper blade, おりがみコマ)


The view that it is a variation of the Himauri brooch(ひまわりのブローチ) by Kyoko 
Nakahara(中原恭子), which was included in the Moving Origami(動くおりがみ)(1992) by 
Tomoko Fuse(布施知子)

※But I think brooches and tops are different areas so should be viewed 


Tanteidan Magazine No.101 - Makoto Yamaguchi(山口真) announced it named 'Makoto 


There is a record of making a top by three pieces of paper in the NOA monthly 
origami magazine 374(月刊おりがみ 374号).


She learned it from the Silver Lessons.


She saw it at the Center


1. 1st publication is Makotama by Yamaguchi Makoto, 2007-1-25
2. You may think Yamaguchi made it and taught it to others before, but in that 
sense, there was no mention about the author at all.

jassu from Korea

> On Sep 2, 2019, at 12:22 PM, Gerardo <> 
> wrote:
> I sent a message on August 26 asking for the name of two models and of
> their creators. These are the models:
> A fellow member answered in private and told me that she has seen the one
> that looks like a pencil holder in Korean publications, but didn't tell me
> anything more about it. Might someone here own a Korean book that shows
> this model? If so, would you please tell me what name those it show and who
> appears as its creator?
> About the other model, in my previous message I included the following
> quote: "a variation by Reiko Aso of the Blooming Flower by Taichiro Hasegawa"
> (quoting Kathy Knapp). I had forgotten to add the source's URL; it's this
> one:
> Might one of you know if Kathy is right or not?
> If you guys prefer, you can answer in private to my email address:
> gerardo(a)
> Thank you in advance : )
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