Hello. Now that I have some more time, I'm looking again on the topic of
the creator of the three-piece spinning top of Japanese origin. This
conversation on the mailing list date around September 2019. Everyone that
answered told me it was either Makoto Yamaguchi or Taichiro Hasegawa. So I
still don't know who the creator is.

I'm pretty lost here. I believe the best option is to ask them both
directly. So, does anyone here have contact information regarding Mr.
Yamaguchi and/or Mr. Hasegawa? If so, would you please ask either one about
the authorship of the following spinning top:

I'm starting to think this is the only way to solve this mystery.

Thank you in advance.

PS: What does "Makoto-koma" mean in English? That's one of the names given
to this spinning top.


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