I know, I haven't dropped the topic about kusudamas and now I'm starting a
new one. That's so me ; )

Anyway, I'm somewhat curious about pin trading during conventions. I know
very little about it so I was hoping you gals/guys could help me with a
couple of questions.

1. I see a lot more rules when it comes to ATC, for example, what to write
on the back of each card. Are there usually no rules regarding pin trading?

2. Those of you who have participated in the past, how many pins do you
usually make for trading in each convention?

3. I understand some of them are attached to a traditional wooden
clothespin. How do you wear does kind of trading pins if you can't pierce
through your T-shirt with a clothespin?

4. Do you gals/guys use the pins you have received on a non-convention day?

Aside from these questions I wanted to show you a pin I created yesterday
through origami.


It works like a clip. It's two sides are pretty firm from its folds, so it
holds on to what you place in the middle; in this case my T-shirt's pocket.
So I had a couple of more questions regarding my model.

5. Are you aware of any other origami model that works like a wearable pin
without the need for safety pins, clothespin, magnets, etc.?

6. Would you say that it also looks like a chili or does it look more like
some other vegetable or fruit? If so, which? Please, don't mind the color,
I'm more interested in its shape.

7. What would be a better name "Chili Pin" or "Chili Pepper Pin"? Since
English isn't my first language I'm not clear if they both mean the same or

Thank you in advance.


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