Gerardo asked:
1. I see a lot more rules when it comes to ATC, for example, what to write on 
the back of each card. Are there usually no rules regarding pin trading?
At OrigamiUSA, the pin trade (in which I have participated several times) is 
pretty much a friendly free-for-all; just bring some origami pins (or some 
origami somethings) and trade. People do some really creative things, both pins 
and otherwise; some make origami containers of one kind or another and put a 
piece of candy inside each one, for example. That’s why it’s now called “Pins 
Plus” or something like that nowadays. I think most of us try to put a sticker 
or label on the pin-or-whatever saying who made it and who designed it, and the 
date and occasion.

2. Those of you who have participated in the past, how many pins do you usually 
make for trading in each convention?
I make as many as I can, usually around 15-20.

3. Do you gals/guys use the pins you have received on a non-convention day?
I don’t, but I keep them and pull them out sometimes for inspiration or to show 
other origamists.


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