I had recently made several questions regarding pin trading. Miranda AKA
Mizu-randa answered one of my questions. The lanyard used at the convention
is also used, during the days of the event, for holding the pins.

Thank you Miranda! I appreciate it if you can answer some of the other
ones. Is that OK?

1. I see a lot more rules when it comes to ATC, for example, what to write
on the back of each card. Are there usually no rules regarding pin trading?

2. Those of you who have participated in the past, how many pins do you
usually make for trading in each convention?

3. Do you gals/guys use the pins you have received on a non-convention day?

Anyone else who can answer them please do : )

I forgot to mention last time to please feel free to answer directly to my
email address if it makes you feel more comfortable. In that case please
write to gerardo(a)neorigami.com

Thank you in advance.


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