I've done this twice, for two books written by my father.

In particular eBooks do not handle pictures well at all. For example Kindle 
Create, Amazon's app for editing an eBook to get it 'right' is particularly 
poor at handling images at all - it even gives you an apology!

The issue is in the 'reflowing' quality of an eBook, where nothing is set in 
stone. Depending on the font, size, device of the reader things are displayed 
completely differently. Any heavily pictographic book will suffer in a similar 

Anyway, my recommendation would be to self-publish using lulu.com (as a pdf). 
Then, create an author account with Amazon/Kindle, and upload your document as 
a Word document into Kindle Create, so you can at least have a go at editing 
your book to 'make it work' in this format.

Kind regards, Damian

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Hi guys,
Does anybody here have some experience in transforming an origami book to
an ebook? I tried to upload a PDF, and the result is a big mass.
Any suggestions from someone who has been there?

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