My experience, as I said, has been the opposite. The conversion from PDF to 
ebook with the Kindle platform was smooth and the result is perfect. It works 
on tablets, phones, laptops. It’s like browsing the book page by page and the 
text, pictures and diagrams are in the same position as in the paper book. 

I don’t know the reason of the different end result, why some people had a poor 
experience. The original book, the original pdf, was created by a professional 
designer, it was not created by myself (but I managed the Kindle part with no 
difficulty at all). Perhaps the starting point made a difference? 


> In particular eBooks do not handle pictures well at all. For example Kindle 
> Create, Amazon's app for editing an eBook to get it 'right' is particularly 
> poor at handling images at all - it even gives you an apology!

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