It's been a couple of weeks since I first asked about stereoscopy in
OSG. I've had an answer from Rémy (which I forgot to thank for, sorry), but
I still have some questions on the subject.
     I've managed to use the stereoscopy option, which provided me with a
split image of my scene. When I finally tried to use the second video
monitor (I have a NVIDIA GeForce 6200 dual-head video card), something
unexpected happened. I have only managed to split the image between the two
monitors when I used the 800x600 resolution - and I had to drag the window
to the edge of the first video monitor for that to happen...
     What I wanted to know, is how to perform this action with the full
screen (1024x768). Any suggestions and tips are quite welcome...


                                      Renan M Z Mendes
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