On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 8:49 AM, nicolas peña <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Just in case you are curious about my case of use, I will try to explain a
> bit my intentions, if you consider that my
> approximation is not right please correct me.
> I am building a simulation framework aimed at multi-robot collaborative
> perception. I am going to implement this
>  using a composite viewer with at least two views for the simulator user
> interface, plus a dynamic number of viewers,
> one for each simulated camera as I need to be able to set the frame rate of
> the cameras independently.
>  The cameras of  these viewers would render to a pbuffer each and have an
> image attached in order to send then to the
> artificial vision algorithms. I also need to share the scene across all the
> viewers.

My guess is that this should probably be possible given separate
threads for each of the viewers frame loops i.e. run them all in a
background thread.  Sharing of images is possible by using a frame
buffer copy to osg::Image, or just having multiple FBO's all within
one graphics context.  If you can have the frames all done
synchronously then perhaps you could have one frame loop and just
disable the cameras that you don't need updating on each frame, i.e.
main viewer runs at 60Hz, and the other RTT cameras run at 20Hrz so
get update on frame in 3.

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