I am trying to get osgPPU to work with the MPV project (a CIGI compliant IG)... 
 I am having a little bit of a hard time figuring out how to get the two to 
talk to each other.  As MPV is very modular and based on a plugin stucture, 
what I have to work with (so far) is the root node of the scene.  The examples 
all have their own viewer that are used by PPU but I would like to stay away 
from that and "just insert" the pipeline to affect the intire scene (the 
displaying of the scene is handled by an other plugin inside MPV).

Anybody have an idea of how could I attach a PPU pipeline to the scene? 

My other option is to not use osgPPU and start doing my own RTT, a little like 
├ůsa Engvall is intending to do...

Patrick Castonguay
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