From what I can understand, it uses cameras, views and viewports.  I believe 
mostly from the osgSDLView, but it also uses "xlsignal"? to pass the pointers 
around (this should be transparent and I am hoping that a simple casting will 
do the trick).  The way MPV works at the hi level is that a single window is 
defined (per process).  This window makes use of a single viewer which possibly 
has multiple viewports. (I guess this is pretty normal...) The views are 
defined in a definition file and the information driving them comes through the 
CIGI protocol.  Can I use the viewports and apply the osgPPU processors to 
it(them) or do I have to attach the processor to the cameras(which might be 
harder for me to do)? Also, I am still struggling with "extracting" my current 
scene as a texture...

Thanks for the help


Hi Patrick.

I am not familar with MPV, however let my try to help you ;)

let the ppu pipeline be applied for the complete scene, you have to
provide it with a texture containing your scene as input. If you use
the standard way, scene->osgPPU::Processor->osgPPU::Unit..., and
attach a camera which views on your scene to the processor, then the
camera output (which should be an RTT) will be provided into the

How is MPV handling scene rendering? Does it use
osg's camera or does it render directly to some texture without camera
intervention? If the second is true, then you can use UnitTexture as a
root unit of your pipeline to provide your rendering texture into the

Best regards,

I am trying to get osgPPU to work with the MPV project (a CIGI
compliant IG)...  I am having a little bit of a hard time figuring out
how to get the two to talk to each other.  As MPV is very modular and
based on a plugin stucture, what I have to work with (so far) is the
root node of the scene.  The examples all have their own viewer that
are used by PPU but I would like to stay away from that and "just
insert" the pipeline to affect the intire scene (the displaying of the
scene is handled by an other plugin inside MPV).

Anybody have an idea of how could I attach a PPU pipeline to the scene? 

My other option is to not use osgPPU and start doing my own RTT, a little like 
├ůsa Engvall is intending to do...

Patrick Castonguay
Technology Innovation Management (TIM) Student - Modeling and Simulation stream

Carleton University, Ottawa, ON
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