Thanks Simon,

A CSG library would be a great idea to work on.  I needed one of those for
some work I did with Northrop Grumman.  The generalized extrusion function
is cool too, maybe for a single student or as a feature of the CSG library.
I didn't look too deeply, but does the gts library work with OSG?

-- Rick

For me Geometry handling and generators.

I've spent part of today writing a generalised extrusion function but I'd be
surprised if this hasn't been done 10,000 times already.

I couldn't find such a function in osg.

If it is there, then maybe you could get your students to help with
the documentation in the code and on the website. ;)

Also a high level CSG library would be fantastic.
I'm doing CAD stuff and it would be so much faster if I could just specify
things like 'intersect a cylinder with this box'

This might be relatively straight forward, if the CSG library generates
meshes to feed to:

On Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 12:26 PM, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hello All,
> I am going to be teaching my first semester as a part-time adjunct
> professor at BYU-Idaho.  I am really EXCITED!  We will be teaching an intro.
> to graphics course that has not been taught before at this school.  Our
> focus will be on juniors and seniors wanting to get out in the industry and
> do something.
> Our thought is to take a direction slightly different from the traditional
> graphics course that works students through writing their own low level
> graphics operations through writing their own phong shader and rudimentary
> ray-tracer.  We know we need to teach the fundamentals with vector and
> matrix math, etc. (a linear algebra class is already set as a
> pre-requisite), but our thought was that we could focus on OpenGL and teach
> how these concepts are important even while working on this relatively high
> level API.
> Once we have the fundamentals down and an idea of how OpenGL works, I
> wanted to introduce the students to OSG and how a scene graph helps.
> Another big goal is to teach them how to participate in an Open Source
> community.  Ultimately I would like to have the students work on final
> projects that they might be able to submit to the cause.  There are SOOO
> many great things they could learn from this effort.  I hope we are not
> trying to shove too much into a 3 credit hour class, but I am excited to see
> how it goes.
> So, we have a few ideas about the things I think we should cover, but I
> would love to get some feedback from this great community about things that
> you would teach in this kind of course.  I know I want to introduce them to
> the coding standards and the submission guidelines you have on the website.
> Are there other things we should consider on that front?  (should we
> pre-screen the submissions before we send them off to you?).  What kinds of
> projects would you recommend the students might be able to work on?  The LWO
> and LWS readers are near and dear to my heart, so I was going to have them
> work on features there, but I am certainly open to suggestions.
> Thanks,
> -- Rick
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