--- On Fri, 23/1/09, Robert Osfield <robert.osfi...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I would very much like for us to get the OSG binaries
> sorted out for
> this OSG-2.8, both for platforms like Windows and OSX, and
> for linux,
> in particular knocking on the Linux distro doors to get
> OSG-2.8 in the
> up coming linux releases.
> I greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide in
> terms or
> testing or helping out on the coordinating with packaging
> of the final
> release.


I'm currently teaching myself how to build rpms. Would that be of any use for 

I know they are typically targeted at specific distributions but I have a large 
hard drive and could try to make then up for any distribtions I can get my 
hands on!

>From what I've read so far it seems that it would be better to create a source 
>rpm first and then I can build the actual binary rpm on the target platform. 
>Or maybe it's only the source rpm itself that should be made available?

Of course this would be my first project at building rpms which might be a bit 
ambitious but you have to learn somewhere and it would be great to give 
something back!



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