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> Hi Paul,
> On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 8:57 AM, Paul Fotheringham
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> > I'm currently teaching myself how to build rpms.
> Would that be of any use for you?
> It would. There is a message of Mattias, on the thread
> about
> LIB_POSTFIX, which mentions how to create rpms using CPack,
> so this
> would be a good place to start.

Thanks, I'll check that out.
> > I know they are typically targeted at specific
> distributions but I have a large hard drive and could try to
> make then up for any distributions I can get my hands on!
> Will you have to install the various distros? 

I thought so but perhaps there's an easier way? I'll investigate this further.

> I'd guess that that the
> main rpm based Distro's would be RedHat, Fedora and
> Mandriva. Do you
> have any these right now?

I use Fedora at work and Mandriva at home so that should help. I think SuSE is 
rpm-based too or at least it was the last time I used it years ago.

> The first step would be to get rpm's built for the
> upcoming 2.7.9 on
> your present platform then get others to test these out.

I'll start with that then. Can't promise how quickly it'll happen of course but 
I'll do my best :)



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