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> Good stuff.Limit frame rate (ie, frame rate capping) is good. But how about
> Fixed frame rate though? Where the OSG renders at a specified frame rate no
> matter what.

It all depends on exactly you mean by "no matter what".

What are you thinking in terms of management of the scene to manage
this trick?   Magic?

One potentially could introduce a scheme of load balancing based on
LODScale that responds to frame rate load, but a scheme that works
well for all types of scenes will be next to impossible to come by.
We could potentially provide one that does good enough on a range of
models/application, but not perfectly for all application types.
There is also a real limit on how much LODScale can load balance, if
the scene graph itself isn't set up well with LOD then it won't make
any difference.

Personally I feel that most apps should manage the frame for their own
applications and data.  The OSG is a general purpose scene graph
rather than a domain specific IG.  It gives you the tools to do your
job, but it doesn't do it all for you.  The run() method stuff I've
introduced is really only for entry level app development.

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