SMesserschmidt wrote:
> So basically you are raping the primitive sets to color the primitive?

Yes, that's why at the beginning I asked help to suggest me the best way to 
implement this. Nobody replied so I found this way.

SMesserschmidt wrote:
> That is certainly a complicated way in case you simply have a bunch of 
> triangles which you want to re-color during selection. I'd advice to use an 
> additional vertex-attribute (per vertex) holding your "color-index" and 
> evaluate it in the vertex-shader and modify this based on the intersected 
> indices. 

In fact it is a little tricky even if I'm not sure I would have a bunch of 
nodes to change. But who knows ...
Anyway thans for the hint. I'm trying to understand what does that means 
exactly but if in the menwhile you can explain me a little bit in detail it 
would be nice.


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