The jaxrs spec bundle is only a part of the solution. I could tell you how to download it and add it to bndtools but that would not give a a running system later. You also need an impl of the spec to provide a full runtime that can later execute your service.

Manoj also asked me personally so I will paste my reply for other to pick up from there.

Regarding the problem with* imports. This is the REST API it is not available by default in java. You need a bundle with the REST API to compile your code. You seem to use the bndtools build. So the first step is to add the jar/bundles you need as an index. Your best bet should be the new pom based index that Peter explained recently. The index described by this pom (Use the 2.0.0 version) should contain all you need. If you do not know how to add the index to bndtools check the tutorials or ask on the bndtools user list. (I guess maybe this can also be answered here as all the experts are here).

The next step is to add the jar as a build time dependency. You open the bnd.bnd file with the bndtools editor and add the jar in the build tab. This should fix the error you see in eclipse.


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Yeah..but where do I get this bundle? Download ? Can you tell me the exact bundle that I have to download ?

Supposing I download and it is available in the Downloads directory. Should it (and similar bundles) be placed in some special directory?

Further, How do I add it into my build path ?

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You need to have the JAX-RS API on your build path.

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