Hi there, 
I am an open space neophite so my questions must be taken with that in 
mind.  I confess that I am having trouble understanding the consistency 
between "leaving the room" only to return at the end of the session for 
evening news, and the necessity to "hold time and space".  Here, it 
appeared that the facilitator was to remain around but not visible - doing 
all those small tasks that keep the space safe and comfortable for those 
busy beavers working away in the breakout sessions?

Can you provide some further enlightenment - and encourage as I find the 
notion of leaving a hard one!  Call it the value for money proposition 
that I occassional face (albiet not in an OST environment) - e.g. "Sure am 
paying a lot of money and what are she really doing?  She isn't even in 
the room!"

I have more basic questions but will post these separately along with an 

Sheila Beauchemin
Victoria, BC Canada

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