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< I confess that I am having trouble understanding the consistency between
"leaving the room" only to return at the end of the session for evening
news, and the necessity to "hold time and space".  Here, it appeared that
the facilitator was to remain around but not visible - doing all those small
tasks that keep the space safe and comfortable for those busy beavers
working away in the breakout sessions? Can you provide some further
enlightenment - and encourage as I find the notion of leaving a hard one!>


I am one of those who stays in the room.  


At the start, after I invite participants to post their topics in Opening
Circle and the Agenda co-creation time, I often sit back down in the circle
to hold space that way as they create their marvelous meeting topics.  


Although sometime(s) during the day I will usually take a walk around the
building as a way to have a sense of place and a sense of the day, fresh air
- to breathe and to notice the beautiful things just outside the room, I
feel I hold space best by being in the room for most of the meeting -
totally present and completely invisible as I clean up plates and coffee
cups from the floor, breathe, replenish materials in the discussion areas,
breathe, help the Newsroom Coordinator as needed, breathe ;o) and so on.


You will find what fits for you, I know,




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