See for what the different 
values mean so you can decide which restrictions to remove (to ignore it).
E.g. if there is a road with "vehicle=private" tag in the OSM data, and 
there is a rule [select value="-1" t="vehicle" v="private"/] in 
routing.xml, removing the rule from the file should allow OsmAnd to route 
over such a road. Unless some additional tag on that road overrides it now 
(like access=no). So you may need to remove more of the vehicle hierarchy.

Dňa štvrtok, 22. septembra 2016 9:37:52 UTC+2 Jan-Niklas B. napísal(-a):
> Hey guys, 
> thanks for the fast response. 
> The example is the NATO Training Ground Munster in Germany. (simply search 
> for "Munster" in Germany and you should see the marked areas). 
> I'll try your hint with the routing.xml as soon as I have time. 
> NG 
> Jan-Niklas 

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