Hello Guys!

I got it now!
It's working.
I got all maps etc. data stored to sd- card.
First I formatted the sd- card to be a removable storage, not an internal 
After that I could move - and moved - the osmand- app to sd- card (just to 
save phones memory).
And then I defined the data storage of osmand to be in that sd-card.
No probs!
For me it seems the problem was from the beginnning that I formatted the 
sd-card to be a "inner" memory of my phone.
Osmand seemed not to like that at all. ;)

Solved now.
And all is working.
Thanks to everybody!

BR Mika

sunnuntai 18. helmikuuta 2018 17.55.04 UTC+2 Jack Burke kirjoitti:
> +1 to nickjoh's response. This is the correct Android way. 
> -jack

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