I see this batch version uses an obsolete wget version from Gnuwin32
Windows users of cygwin can easily switch to the cygwin wget version.

Dne 13/03/2018 v 09:36 Poutnik napsal(a):
> As I once wrote and occasionally use
> a cygwin/wget based batch for maps download in Windows,
> I do not see a big deal in writing a script for Linux.
> As inspiration ( older, but should work, even if not checked for a while )
> Github : /Brouter-profiles/master/OSMANd_wget_maps
> <https://raw.githubusercontent.com/poutnikl/Brouter-profiles/master/OSMANd_wget_maps.cmd>
> ( will be displayed as the CMD content and can be directly saved as
> CMD file )

Poutnik ( The Wanderer )

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