I am using Osmand+ (paid version) on several devices and I think it's 
highly inefficient to download each map on each device, unnecessary 
increasing data usage. Therefore, I'd like to download updated maps to my 
pc and copy them onto the sdcards afterwards. I know I can do "wget 
to get one map, but there are two problems with that:

1. Automatic file name completion doesn't work, so I can't use a command 
like "wget 
http://download.osmand.net/download.php?standard=yes&file=Germany_*.zip";, I 
have to use a wget for each single file I want to download.

2. After downloading, the files are stored as 
"download.php?standard=yes&file=Germany_bremen_europe_2.obf.zip" to the 
local hard disk, and I have to remove the part in front of "Germany".

How can I solve these two problems? Is there any other way of limiting the 
download to a minimum and still get the maps onto every device?

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