Am 14.10.2016 um 17:36 schrieb Stefano Miccoli:
> /dev/ttyUSBx names are NOT persistent, and typically when you unplug
> an USB-to-serial adapter and reconnect it you get a new /dev/ttyUSBy
> device.
> On the contrary owserver needs a persistent device name to work
> properly: try googling  "udev rules ttyusb” for some recipes on how
> to write a udev rule which creates a persistent symlink to the
> current serial adapter, and configure owserver to connect to the
> persistent name.
While this is correct, it can be incredibly hard to write such a rule
when you have two or more otherwise identical adapters.

> From the spec the DS9097U-009 includes a DS2502 Identification Chip:
> if this is your case you can use the ‘owpresent’ command to check if
> the adapter is still connected.
You can use Johan Ström's owusbprobe for this. It's in the owshell
directory from recent owfs installations.

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