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>> While this is correct, it can be incredibly hard to write such a rule
>> when you have two or more otherwise identical adapters.
> It works, they have different serial numbers
That's nice, read out those serials then to make udev rules.

>> You can use Johan Ström's owusbprobe for this. It's in the owshell
>> directory from recent owfs installations.
> It shows only the difference of the USB adapters. My problem is during
> is running and nobody knows when the USB adapter do not answer*
The problem is, when USB fails then re-appears, the adapter gets
enumerated a second time and will get a different device node. That's
why owserver cannot see or use it anymore.

You must advise udev to create a symlink to the /dev/ttyUSBx node with a
name depending on the serial number of the adaptor. Then use that
symlink instead of /dev/ttyUSBn for owserver.

When the USB device fails, udev will remove the symlink, then create a
new symlink with the same name (based on the serial nu,ber) to the new
ttyUSB device node.

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