--- Comment #25 from Fabio Valentini <> ---
> Thanks for the hard work packaging this, it is not a simple package at all :)

Yeah, it's not so easy, but hugo isn't simple, either. At least you don't have
to patch build scripts. syncthing upstream was a bit "uncooperative" about
fixing some things ...

> Have you thought about pinging systemd packagers about this?

I have, a month ago. Without any reaction so far.

> Have you thought about pinging systemd upstream about this as well?

I have now, thanks for bugging me.

> The binary file has the gui/default/vendor projects embedded in it, which 
> contains (...)

I didn't even notice that it bundles this stuff. If you decide that using the
bundled stuff is fine, I'll add those lines (versions according to source code
in the tarball):

Provides: bundled(angular) = 1.2.9
Provides: bundled(angular-dirPagination) = 759009c
Provides: bundled(angular-translate) =
Provides: bundled(angular-translate-loader-static-files) = 2.11.0
Provides: bundled(bootstrap) = 3.3.5
Provides: bundled(font-awesome) = 4.5.0
Provides: bundled(jquery) = 2.2.2

The only question is whether to add this to the main package or the -devel
subpackage (or both).

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