--- Comment #26 from Athos Ribeiro <> ---
> syncthing upstream was a bit "uncooperative"
> about fixing some things ...

oh :(

> > Have you thought about pinging systemd packagers about this?
> I have, a month ago. Without any reaction so far.
> > Have you thought about pinging systemd upstream about this as well?
> I have now, thanks for bugging me.

That's good enough, let's proceed with approving this review

> The only question is whether to add this to the main package or the -devel
> subpackage (or both).

They are nly shipped in the source tarball and in the binary package, so adding
it in the Provides in the main package shall be enough.

In this case, I believe you would need to add the licenses of the bundled
libraries in the License tag of the package. If you want, you can even set the
different License tag only for the package with the bundled code.

Note that font-awesome is also bundling the fonts (which most of the ruby gems
also do, for a different reason) and those have the Open Font License.

So the license tag should read

MPLv2.0 and MIT and OFL

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