--- Comment #28 from Fabio Valentini <> ---
> They are nly shipped in the source tarball and in the binary package, so 
> adding it in the Provides in the main package shall be enough.


> So the license tag should read "MPLv2.0 and MIT and OFL"


> Why you at least don't use:
> %{_usr}/lib/systemd/user-preset

I've used "%{_prefix}/lib/systemd/user-preset" for now. The missing macro has
already been added in systemd git master [1], so this will be fixed at some
point in the future.

> And why you can't use system-preset?

I can't, because "system-preset" is for system-wide services, and I need a
preset file for user-session services, which are stored in "user-preset".

Spec URL:


I've also added "Provides: bundled(X)" for the (currently unused) %with_bundled
case, just for completeness.


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