The talk about preamps reminds me of a question I've been meaning to ask. I have a turntable and a preamp which I need to use to get vinyl into a PC and I'm getting 60-cycle hum. The preamp was an old Radioshack model. I can use a filter to kill the hum, but 1. is that a reasonable thing to do in the first place, and, 2. what would people suggest as a reasonable cost method to not have the hum at all?
Btw, be looking forward to hearing about the software.

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Yep, will be doing that this weekend, have some lost 45’s bought from Vinyl Australia to sample and I’ve got the old Aiwa Turntable prepared and ready, have one of the computers here connected to the line-out of the Rotal Amp which has a truly superb Fono stage built-in. I have both the Mac and Windows versions of Vinyl Studio Pro so it will be interesting to see which I get better access to, the Mac or the Windows version, at this early stage they both seem rather equal.

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