If you seem to not get this buzz as you put it when you are recording whatever 
from your iPhone, it must be something specifically with either the digital 
radio or some routing of the cables involved. Try moving the cables around and 
see what comes of it because sometimes certain cables crossing paths can cause 
noise depending on the quality of the shielding or lack thereof.

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Hi.  For a long time now, I have noticed that I get buzzing in
recordings from my digital radio and tape recorder, even though using
the same set-up (2x RCA phono connectors in my mixer to 1x 3.5 mm jack
in the audio device in question) works perfectly when using my iPhone
to record.  I'm using GoldWave 5.65 (I know it's not the latest
version) and, although I've tried all of the hiss/hum removal options,
I can't seem to get rid of all of it.  The best result that I got was
when I used Stereo Center to keep just the channel with the least
(almost hardly any) buzz and then put that channel into a mono mix.
However, it still didn't remove the whole hiss and, of course, it lost
a lot of the bass as a result of removing the other channel.  I've
also tried buying a brand new lead but I'm still getting the same
results (at least, I've trialled it with the digital radio and am
still getting a lot of buzz, which I knew was going to happen as soon
as I plugged it in because I could hear it in my headphones via the

So, does anybody please know why this might be happening with two
devices but not with my phone, even though the radio is digital (so
it's not a matter of using a mono device)?  Also, does anyone know of
settings/processes that I can run with GoldWave or another piece of
software to successfully remove everything, or am I just going to have
to accept things as they are?

Many thanks in advance for any help, Danny

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