Your digital radio is outputting analog.  You may need a hum
eliminator between those devices.  Its really an isolation transformer
with enough iron so you get the lower frequencies.

On Tue, 29 Aug 2017 08:49:50 -0400,
Danny Miles wrote:
> Thanks.  I often have to move the wires around, which is why I thought
> a new wire might solve the trick.  However, I can't get a completely
> non-existent buzz without holding the middle of it up in the air,
> which obviously isn't feasible.  I just find it odd that it does it
> with the digital radio but not with the iPhone, as they're both
> digital appliances and I don't move the wire when swapping over
> devices (obviously I have to take the jack out of one and put it in
> the other but the cable itself stays flat rather than up in the air
> while attached to the iPhone and it remains in the same position).  Is
> it possible that the iPhone is simply better designed for this sort of
> thing than both of my other devices and, although I appreciate that
> it's probably quite technical, I'd be grateful for any info on how to
> identify suitable equipment for the future if that's the case.
> Danny
> On 8/29/17, Smiling? <> wrote:
> > If you seem to not get this buzz as you put it when you are recording
> > whatever from your iPhone, it must be something specifically with either the
> > digital radio or some routing of the cables involved. Try moving the cables
> > around and see what comes of it because sometimes certain cables crossing
> > paths can cause noise depending on the quality of the shielding or lack
> > thereof.
> >
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> > Subject: Issue with Buzz in Radio Recordings
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> > Hi.  For a long time now, I have noticed that I get buzzing in
> > recordings from my digital radio and tape recorder, even though using
> > the same set-up (2x RCA phono connectors in my mixer to 1x 3.5 mm jack
> > in the audio device in question) works perfectly when using my iPhone
> > to record.  I'm using GoldWave 5.65 (I know it's not the latest
> > version) and, although I've tried all of the hiss/hum removal options,
> > I can't seem to get rid of all of it.  The best result that I got was
> > when I used Stereo Center to keep just the channel with the least
> > (almost hardly any) buzz and then put that channel into a mono mix.
> > However, it still didn't remove the whole hiss and, of course, it lost
> > a lot of the bass as a result of removing the other channel.  I've
> > also tried buying a brand new lead but I'm still getting the same
> > results (at least, I've trialled it with the digital radio and am
> > still getting a lot of buzz, which I knew was going to happen as soon
> > as I plugged it in because I could hear it in my headphones via the
> > mixer).
> >
> > So, does anybody please know why this might be happening with two
> > devices but not with my phone, even though the radio is digital (so
> > it's not a matter of using a mono device)?  Also, does anyone know of
> > settings/processes that I can run with GoldWave or another piece of
> > software to successfully remove everything, or am I just going to have
> > to accept things as they are?
> >
> > Many thanks in advance for any help, Danny
> >
> >
> >

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