Yes, the button thing is great, but unfortunetly they did not change
enough hardware. The stream hardware is quite bad, and all they done
now is to change the procesor and remove the line in jac to make room
for the gps antenna.
They are lazy these days, come out with just a few updates once every
now and then, and then they brag on the fact that they have different
teams to work on different products wich are suppose to create the
impression that they have enough people to make it possible to work on
these things properly.
They also now will include an fm radio, wich is great,  but then
stream users is missing out, and its now unfairely expected that if
you don't want gps you should buy this thing to get blootooth, and the
fm radio. This probibly means that the treck will get more updates and
the other stream little or nothing and then they will suddenly
discontinue the stream for a new one later. They did the same before
with the older stream. After they discontinued it, they did not
provide updates for it to bring it inline with the new model, such as
to add the consolidate notes and repeat one track only features on the
notes and music bookshelfs respectively. All about money and they
don't care.
Its nice that this unit will have maps onboard, wich means no data
drain, but so little hardware change is unexceptible.

On 09/11/2017, Peter Scanlon <> wrote:
> The good thing about Victor is it has real buttons. No need for voice
> command.
> I agree doing voice command in public can be a problem.
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> VoiceCommands as an adjunct to an existing device could be good, although I
> really can’t imagine using one out in public with GPS or or on a bus or
> whatever. That’s why say it should be an adjunct if they did it. But doesn’t
> the stream run on Linux? My guess is there aren’t any APIs that would let
> them use, for instants, Alexa. For my money, with the exception of doing
> things on the actual device, his voice assistance are vastly overrated. More
> often than not, you get something that makes you look on the web for what
> they found, or you get a non-response. We are definitely not in the Star
> Trek days, so the fact that human where hasn’t come out with something
> actually like a home or an echo makes perfect sense to me. If they just came
> out with one of the speaker things, nobody would buy it. Why would you want
> to buy a specialized speaker made by humanware, when the mainstream ones are
> after all voice activated. What possible value add it could there be? That’s
> why I say having some kind of voice deal that would actually let you use
> your device with voice under the right circumstances could be good.
> Mary
> Mary
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>> On Nov 8, 2017, at 9:05 PM, Dane Trethowan <>
>> wrote:
>> So another new product from humanware but again I think they're missing so
>> many points as Humanware tend to do these days in my opinion.
>> Yeah okay, we know about Talking Book players and we've used them for
>> years.
>> Yeah, we know about GPS navigation products and we use iPhones and other
>> similar devices.
>> So it does surprise me that Humanware hasn't brought out a voice activated
>> device like the Google Home or Amazon Echo that does all this sort of
>> stuff.
>> Anyway here's the new device from our dear friends at Humanware so make
>> what you will of this.
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