THanks Eden for letting us know that.
Then there will not be any trek in this house.
I rather use my Nokia 8 or moto g 5 for such purpose or my stream 2 for 
listening to daisy books unless it doesn’t turn of by it self without any 
warning like it use to do for me when i have wifi on.

> 9 nov. 2017 kl. 21:10 skrev Aidan <aidan.smartt...@gmail.com>:
> Yes, the button thing is great, but unfortunetly they did not change
> enough hardware. The stream hardware is quite bad, and all they done
> now is to change the procesor and remove the line in jac to make room
> for the gps antenna.
> They are lazy these days, come out with just a few updates once every
> now and then, and then they brag on the fact that they have different
> teams to work on different products wich are suppose to create the
> impression that they have enough people to make it possible to work on
> these things properly.
> They also now will include an fm radio, wich is great,  but then
> stream users is missing out, and its now unfairely expected that if
> you don't want gps you should buy this thing to get blootooth, and the
> fm radio. This probibly means that the treck will get more updates and
> the other stream little or nothing and then they will suddenly
> discontinue the stream for a new one later. They did the same before
> with the older stream. After they discontinued it, they did not
> provide updates for it to bring it inline with the new model, such as
> to add the consolidate notes and repeat one track only features on the
> notes and music bookshelfs respectively. All about money and they
> don't care.
> Its nice that this unit will have maps onboard, wich means no data
> drain, but so little hardware change is unexceptible.
> On 09/11/2017, Peter Scanlon <sca...@tpg.com.au> wrote:
>> The good thing about Victor is it has real buttons. No need for voice
>> command.
>> I agree doing voice command in public can be a problem.
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>> VoiceCommands as an adjunct to an existing device could be good, although I
>> really can’t imagine using one out in public with GPS or or on a bus or
>> whatever. That’s why say it should be an adjunct if they did it. But doesn’t
>> the stream run on Linux? My guess is there aren’t any APIs that would let
>> them use, for instants, Alexa. For my money, with the exception of doing
>> things on the actual device, his voice assistance are vastly overrated. More
>> often than not, you get something that makes you look on the web for what
>> they found, or you get a non-response. We are definitely not in the Star
>> Trek days, so the fact that human where hasn’t come out with something
>> actually like a home or an echo makes perfect sense to me. If they just came
>> out with one of the speaker things, nobody would buy it. Why would you want
>> to buy a specialized speaker made by humanware, when the mainstream ones are
>> after all voice activated. What possible value add it could there be? That’s
>> why I say having some kind of voice deal that would actually let you use
>> your device with voice under the right circumstances could be good.
>> Mary
>> Mary
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>>> On Nov 8, 2017, at 9:05 PM, Dane Trethowan <grtd...@internode.on.net>
>>> wrote:
>>> So another new product from humanware but again I think they're missing so
>>> many points as Humanware tend to do these days in my opinion.
>>> Yeah okay, we know about Talking Book players and we've used them for
>>> years.
>>> Yeah, we know about GPS navigation products and we use iPhones and other
>>> similar devices.
>>> So it does surprise me that Humanware hasn't brought out a voice activated
>>> device like the Google Home or Amazon Echo that does all this sort of
>>> stuff.
>>> Anyway here's the new device from our dear friends at Humanware so make
>>> what you will of this.
>>> http://store.humanware.com/heu/victor-reader-trek-talking-book-player-gps.html
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