Wonderful photo. Unfortunately without a person, or anything to give scale, in 
it the trunk only looks like about ten feet in circumference rather than 
diameter, that pathway next to it only looks a couple of feet wide.

On October 11, 2016 9:20:40 AM PDT, Paul Stenquist <pnstenqu...@mac.com> wrote:
>This Rochester Hills, Michigan  tree is said to be the largest Bebb Oak
>in the United States. It measures about ten feet in diameter at its
>base, and one of its weighty limbs rests on the ground. It
>is estimated to be at least 250 years old, although that has never been
>determined for certain, because common testing means might injure it.
>Sometimes we’re so caught up in things, it’s hard to see the trees for
>the forest. I must have driven by this massive tree dozens of times
>since I arrived in Michigan and never noticed it. I only discovered it
>after a lady friend, who arrived here from Italy just a dozen years ago
>or so, pointed it out to me and asked if I would photograph it for her.
>I finally did so this morning, just before sunrise. It’s on a busy
>street, so my angles were limited. I cloned out a couple of street
>signs and a bit of pavement. The tree predates them by hundreds of
>years, so I figured its entitled to a clean environment. 
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