Ted, well done!

You had the strength to "stand your ground", and it paid off.
(And that is probably even more important than the actual money you've got.)
No reason to dread the next call! :)

This initial attitude of the caller once again reminded me this, previously circulated on PDML comic strip: http://www.whattheduck.net/post/140034124998/wtd-835-free-is-the-new-paid-2009-aaron

But then, as a convict serving the life sentence that just attempted to escape says in a TV serial: "You can't blame me for trying".

You can't blame these guys for trying to get it for free.



Theodore Beilby Wed, 12 Oct 2016 10:08:38 -0700 wrote:

Was at home yesterday and got a phone call we all hate. Can we use one of your photos? I asked how much they were willing to pay for it? Response, we are doing it for a promotion, not paying for photos. I responded, "I don't give my work away." Basically that was the end of the call. Few hours pass and the phone rings again. Same voice on the other end, "How Much?" Long story short, they bought a one time use for my price. I was very much nicer on the second call. Ted

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