My ISP never provides an manual either. If we get change providers and/or get a different modem/router I Google the make and model and usually am able to come up with an electronic version of the manual. Every modem I've had from different providers has had the same IP address - - and some combination of the words "admin" and "password" for the log-in. You can log in with any phone or tablet that has wi-fi and a web browser and make any changes needed.


On 10/12/2016 5:13 PM, John wrote:
There is a web interface, but the modem comes up in wi-fi by default
with the Ethernet ports disabled if the power is disconnected for more
than a few minutes.

In order to log in to the modem to change the mode to work with my
Ethernet router, I have to dig out my laptop, enable wi-fi & find the
default wi-fi network before I can log into it.

Nor did Time-Warner supply a user manual that includes how to set up the
modem to use a wired Ethernet connection. So I'm going to have to call
"support" anyway.

Every time I talk to Time-Warner's "support", I have to tell them that I
don't use wi-fi and explain to them what an Ethernet network is so they
don't just reset the modem to wi-fi only and tell me the problem is my

My only alternative for high speed internet in Raleigh is AT&T U-Verse.

Those two have a monopoly here - Time-Warner for cable, AT&T for
telephone line based access. Google fiber is supposed to be on the way,
but I don't know how long it's going to be before it gets here.

Nor do I really know if their support will be any better.

There are a couple of smaller towns in eastern North Carolina that
couldn't get high speed internet from either the cable companies nor the
telephone companies, so they installed their own municipal high speed
internet as a public utility. The cable/phone companies went to the NC
Legislature & had them put a stop to that - passing a law that cities &
towns couldn't offer municipal internet service. The towns went to court
& won an exemption for already existing municipal systems.

Can't have any NEW municipal internet systems, but for now, the towns
can keep the systems they have in place. They're also not allowed to
extend the systems to any area that wasn't already connected to the
municipal system.

Every session of the Legislature since then has had a bill introduced to
overturn the court decision & force the towns/cities with municipal
internet services to turn them over to the cable/phone companies. So
far, they haven't passed any new laws in that regard because they
haven't figured out how to write one that will stand up in court.

On 10/12/2016 4:59 PM, P.J. Alling wrote:
Ok, this seems silly but don't you have local control over that?  AT&T's
former U-Verse now run by Frontier, (a company who's customer service
makes SBC's look good by comparison), allows me to fully control the
Modem locally once I log in.  Good thing too, since getting U-Verse
service from Frontier seems to require sacrificing a couple of goats by
the light of a full moon.

On 10/12/2016 4:16 PM, John wrote:
Power went off at about 2:50PM Saturday, 08 October 2016.
Power restored at about 1:30PM Today, 12 October 2016.

Even though my UPS provided power for a graceful shutdown, I've been
fighting the network & NAS for the last couple of hours. Everything
appears to be finally up and running again.

After I got everything reset & functioning as a network again, I still
couldn't get an internet connection.

Had to call Time-Warner and go through all their "troubleshooting"
rigamarole before I could talk to one of their "support" droid-drones
and tell them to send a signal to the modem to turn of the goddamn wi-fi
& turn on the Ethernet ports.

Being old doesn't seem so old now that I'm old.

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