On 10/13/2016 1:50 AM, Paul in MKE wrote:
My ISP never provides an manual either.  If we get change providers
and/or get a different modem/router I Google the make and model and
usually am able to come up with an electronic version of the manual.
Every modem I've had from different providers has had the same IP
address - - and some combination of the words "admin" and
"password" for the log-in.  You can log in with any phone or tablet that
has wi-fi and a web browser and make any changes needed.


Thanks for that information. I found "a manual" for the modem on-line.
It doesn't quite match some of the "features" of Time-Warner's special
version, but it's close enough for government work.

IP address, user name and password are different from the apparent
industry standard, but the manual helped me find the real IP address,
user name & password - it's there in real teeny-tiny print on one of the

Fortunately I keep an 8x Loupe here on my desk.

According to the manual the Ethernet is supposed to be ON by default.
I'll have to read the manual again and figure out how to turn the
Ethernet on if it's not.

I'll wait to test this until the power goes out again. For now, I just
want to use the internet.

It may be that I'll have to exchange the modem - AGAIN! I've come to
expect I will have to do that a couple of times a year anyway for as
long as I'm with Time-Warner (or whatever their new name is).

None of that decreases the aggravation I have to go through to get the
damn thing to do what I want it to do instead of what the big brains who
designed this shit ASSUME I'm supposed to want.

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