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On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 11:10 AM, Godfrey DiGiorgi <godd...@me.com> wrote:
What is your resistance to upgrading your system to latest OS? Is it a hardware 
compatibility issue or ?

Presuming you have compatible hardware, there's no real negative to upgrading 
macOS to the latest version.

Fear mostly a lot of my old stand by programs will not work, or so i'm
told and woul dhave to upgrade several, which i am aware needs to be
done. But fear mostly

I can understand that.

The best way to combat fear is to work from the basis of knowledge: before I 
install OS updates on my main system, I build a test system with the updated OS 
and test all my standard tools, in their latest incarnations. Doing this makes 
it very clear what to expect when I install the OS for real on my main system. 
I'd recommend anyone resisting a system upgrade do that first. If too much then 
proves broken, and you can't afford to ... or simply can't ... upgrade some 
essential bits, you can stay clear until you sort out the incompatibility or 
move to other software. 

No big deal, really ... In the end, if what you have does the job, just keep 
using it. But if it doesn't do the job then you have to do something to enable 
forward motion. :-)

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