> On 04 December 2017 at 16:48 "Daniel J. Matyola" <danmaty...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am looking to buy a friend a waterproof camera for water sports,
> including surfing, kayaking and snorkeling.  Should be able to stay
> watertight at least 30 feet (10 m) below the surface, but not for heavy
> duty scuba diving.
> Is there a Pentax point and shoot that fits these requirements?  Any info
> about durability, flexibility and image quality would be appreciated.

I had a WG for about four years.  Jpg only, reasonable quality output.  The
usual plethora of farkles common to compacts.  Robust except for a clip-on lens
shade/macro focusing aid.  The big drawback with waterproof cameras is that,
sooner or later, the waterproofing will fail.  It only needs a bump on one of
the doors to disturb the seal when submerged and Fzzt! goes your investment.
 You might get away with a slight leak in fresh water but salt/pool water will
kill it instantly.

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