Bob W-PDML wrote:
Den 07.04.2018 21:24, skrev Mark Roberts:
"If the answer involves Ken Rockwell, you're asking the wrong
- Doug Franklin

Well condensed truth.
Context: I'm working on the 2018 PRML Book and Im doing the annual
Quotations List as a compendium of the all-time best, ever since I
started doing the list (2003).

It does indeed contain much "condensed truth".

I've found it a real pleasure to go back and read the words of past
members from as long as 15 years ago. Some great memories there and,
yes, a lot of condensed truth. I think it'll be really appreciated by
We are also a great compendium of bullshit, let's be truthful about it. The 
bucket beneath the Great Chamber of Easement.
Don't worry, we've left some of your comments in.

In some long distant post-apocalyptic future when the last descendants of the 
Great Trump-Kim Dynasty [1] have finally destroyed civilisation, and all that 
remains is the arm of Liberty sticking out of the sand like the shattered 
visage of Ozymandias, some wise simian digital anthropologist will stumble upon 
our words and we will live forever, like the tricks and pimps and whores who 
scratched the walls of Pompeii's brothels.

When do you start writing the script for the Planet of the APS movies?

[1] think of the opportunities there will be for imaginative hair artistes!

Larry Colen (postbox on min4est)

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