I would speculate that it has happened because it was one of the most frequently used directories on the disk.
With that, when the glitch happened, something was writing to the directory,
and hence the directory was corrupted.

I assume all your image files were in subdirectories, and not in a single directory. Otherwise, I'd be guessing that Drobo might have some problem with a directory containing too many files. (32768=2^15, so, with 30k+ of files that you'd have in that, there could be some
16-bit-limit on the directory entries number)

Sorry to hear about your trouble and good luck with the restoring!
Hope it will go smoothly.


Bill Fri, 06 Jul 2018 09:09:02 -0700 wrote:

On 7/6/2018 6:41 AM, Mark Roberts wrote:

    Paul Stenquist wrote:

Damn. Hope you can fix that. Another reason why I will never use Lightroom. It’s photoshop and old fashioned file keeping and backup for this old fashioned

    What Bill is describing is a Drobo problem, not a Lightroom problem.

Yup, and why it happened to that one directory and not the others on the device is probably forever going to remain one of life's little mysteries.


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