Steve Cottrell wrote on 7/6/18 2:18 AM:
On 6/7/18, Paul Stenquist, discombobulated, unleashed:

Damn. Hope you can fix that. Another reason why I will never use
Lightroom. It's photoshop and old fashioned file keeping and backup for
this old fashioned guy.

I have to say that I agree.

I have always organised all my images and video in simple Mac file hierarchy. 
Takes a few minutes to organise them and whatnot but I have an inherent 
distrust in proprietary systems. Of course, one could argue that the computer 
system is proprietary but files within folders and folders is about as simple 
as it gets? And all backed up of course.

I use lightroom, but have my files stored in a logical directory system that makes them easy to find without lightroom, and will make it easy to switch to another editor.

I certainly don't trust the cloud. Ever since the debacle back in 2007 when 
Apple brought out the first iPhone. If you recall, there was an issue with 
Apple's iCloud (not called that back then, I forget what) whereby lots of 
users' contacts suddenly went missing of their phones for a few hours! Not 
pleasant when you're a business user with hundreds of contacts nd you suddenly 
need to call one of them...

The cloud can be a helpful supplemental backup.

Ever since then I have always backed up my phones and tablets locally to the 
computer, never through the cloud. Sure, the chances are slim it would ever 
happen again but that one occasion lost my trust.

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