On Sat, Jul 07, 2018 at 05:04:18PM -0400, John Sessoms wrote:
> I'm expecting a package to be delivered to a local store for me to pick up.
> I've had bad experiences with UPS home delivery before. In fact, I've had
> far more bad experiences with UPS than I've had good ones. So whenever I
> can, I elect delivery to the store.
> The store gave me a UPS tracking number so I can see when my package is
> going to  arrive.
> Funny thing about UPS routing; something I don't understand:
> >                  United States   07/05/2018   4:25 P.M.   Order ocessed:
> >                                                            Ready for UPS
> > Lynnfield,  MA,  United States   07/05/2018   6:45 P.M.   Origin Scan
> > Lynnfield,  MA,  United States   07/05/2018   8:41 P.M.   Departure Scan
> > Warwick,    RI,  United States   07/05/2018   9:59 P.M.   Arrival Scan
> > Warwick,    RI,  United States   07/06/2018   4:09 A.M.   Departure Scan
> > Raleigh,    NC,  United States   07/06/2018   9:58 P.M.   Arrival Scan
> > Raleigh,    NC,  United States   07/06/2018  11:22 P.M.   Departure Scan
> > Greensboro, NC,  United States   07/07/2018  12:43 A.M.   Arrival Scan
> The destination is here in Raleigh, NC. There's a large UPS facility here.
> *WHY*, if the item has arrived at the destination city *RALEIGH* would UPS
> ship it to Greensboro for it to just be shipped back to Raleigh?

Because a facility set up to deliver packages by the truckload to a downstream
sorting and delivery hub probably doesn't have the staff and/or vehicles to
deal with the "last mile" delivery.  Raleigh has the bulk hub for a large area,
but Greensboro is probably the next level in the distribution chain; Raleigh
(bulk) isn't set up to deliver directly to the Raleigh (local) UPS facility.

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