On 7/7/2018 21:31, John Francis wrote:
On Sat, Jul 07, 2018 at 05:04:18PM -0400, John Sessoms wrote:
I'm expecting a package to be delivered to a local store for me to pick up.
I've had bad experiences with UPS home delivery before. In fact, I've had
far more bad experiences with UPS than I've had good ones. So whenever I
can, I elect delivery to the store.

The store gave me a UPS tracking number so I can see when my package is
going to  arrive.

Funny thing about UPS routing; something I don't understand:

                  United States   07/05/2018   4:25 P.M.   Order ocessed:
                                                            Ready for UPS
Lynnfield,  MA,  United States   07/05/2018   6:45 P.M.   Origin Scan
Lynnfield,  MA,  United States   07/05/2018   8:41 P.M.   Departure Scan
Warwick,    RI,  United States   07/05/2018   9:59 P.M.   Arrival Scan
Warwick,    RI,  United States   07/06/2018   4:09 A.M.   Departure Scan
Raleigh,    NC,  United States   07/06/2018   9:58 P.M.   Arrival Scan
Raleigh,    NC,  United States   07/06/2018  11:22 P.M.   Departure Scan
Greensboro, NC,  United States   07/07/2018  12:43 A.M.   Arrival Scan

The destination is here in Raleigh, NC. There's a large UPS facility here.

*WHY*, if the item has arrived at the destination city *RALEIGH* would UPS
ship it to Greensboro for it to just be shipped back to Raleigh?

Because a facility set up to deliver packages by the truckload to a downstream
sorting and delivery hub probably doesn't have the staff and/or vehicles to
deal with the "last mile" delivery.  Raleigh has the bulk hub for a large area,
but Greensboro is probably the next level in the distribution chain; Raleigh
(bulk) isn't set up to deliver directly to the Raleigh (local) UPS facility.

Raleigh (bulk) is in the same building as Raleigh (local).

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